This limited edition clothing line reflects your PC's RGB glow

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If you're not a fan of colorful lighting, I'm afraid the "RGB everything" attitude doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Just the opposite, this week alone has seen the introduction of RGB towers so that even your walls can bask in the glow of LEDs, and now a clothing line so you can as well.

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HyperX has teamed up with athletic apparel maker Champion to offer a line of reflective clothing "designed to capture the brilliance of light" and reflect "light back to its source," according to a press release.

It seems more like there are shiny, rainbow-colored graphics on the shirts, but sure. The collab's website describes the graphic as an "elevated rainbow reflective logo," and a video shows that the logo appears dark under weak lighting, and then looks glowier when hit by a stronger light source. 

The clothes will be available July 9 and will consist of a cotton t-shirt for $35, a fleece hoodie for $80, and a pair of slides for $45. It's a BYORGB affair, though, and naturally HyperX says all these goodies pair especially well with its Cloud Alpha S headset and other RGB gear.

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