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This HP Pavilion for $579 might be the cheapest PC with a GTX 1660 Ti ever

(Image credit: HP)

There weren't a ton of great deals on gaming PCs during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, especially when it came to mid-range builds. If you're still looking for a new PC, or perhaps one to gift to someone else for the holidays, one of HP's Pavilion Gaming Desktops is an excellent value at $579.99—a reduction of $320 from the original MSRP.

The specifications on this PC include a 6-core/6-thread Intel Core i5-9400F processor, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, 256GB of NVMe SSD storage, and 8GB of DDR4 memory. A mouse and keyboard are included, and Windows 10 Home comes pre-installed.

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This is an excellent price for a mid-range gaming PC. The only downside is that 256GB of storage isn't a lot for a gaming PC, but if you need more space, just grab a cheap SSD (opens in new tab).

It's extremely rare to see pre-built PCs with Nvidia's GTX 1660 Ti graphics card go for less than $800 (most on Newegg are $800-850 right now (opens in new tab)), so getting this for $579.99 is a heck of a bargain. The GTX 1660 Ti graphics card makes this a great PC for 1080p gaming, and it can even handle some titles at 1440p. See our full GTX 1660 Ti review for all the details.

Corbin Davenport
Corbin Davenport

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