There's nothing wrong with Hearthstone's Un'Goro expansion card packs, Blizzard says

The Hearthstone community wasn't too happy with the distribution of cards in the CCG's latest expansion, with multiple claims saying too many duplicates were being doled out per pack and not enough legendaries. Well, Blizzard has responded via its forums and scorned players may not be too happy with its answer to their feedback.

"We have seen a number of posts from our community today regarding Journey to Un'Goro packs and the possibility that they might be distributing an abnormally high amount of duplicate cards," community manager Nik Gianozakos (aka Daxxarri) wrote. "We want to assure everyone that we have looked into this concern and have found that Journey to Un'Goro card distribution is working properly, both at a per card and per rarity basis, and is consistent with previous Hearthstone releases."

Blizzard has dealt with issues similar to this in the past by offering compensation to all players affected. This happened when the drop rate of tri-class cards ended up higher than intended during the launch of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

However, while some players are relieved to hear there's nothing wrong with Un'Goro's card distribution, there are those who feel that Blizzard could still improve this aspect. One player expressed disappointment that the number of duplicates he received is considered "normal," while another stated that "it's time to improve [its] pack rewards." Additionally, as you can see from the game's subreddit at time of writing, multiple people are talking about their issues with the expansion. 

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