Magic: The Gathering - The tale of The Crystal Slipper

Welcome to Eldraine—a storybook land of castles and cauldrons, of chivalrous knights and trickster faeries. But like the devious creatures and beguiling magic that lurk among the shadows, this world is not all that it seems. Join the five courts of the Realm on an epic adventure for honor and glory, or venture a darker path into the mysterious Wilds. Which path will you choose?

Once upon a time, a Charming Prince held a glittering ball to find the love of his life. 

Yet at the stroke of midnight, there was nothing to behold, except for a few pumpkins, some embarrassed mice – and a single, delicate crystal slipper.

It was a slipper of such beauty that the Charming Prince held it aloft and declared: ‘I swear on my Kingdom that whosever foot this crystal slipper fits, I shall marry and love for eternity!’

And so the Prince began his quest. Travelling the length and breadth of Eldraine he invited all maidens to try the slipper. Syr Carah The Bold’s feet were a little too wide. The Maralef Pixie’s feet were far too tiny. And the Wishful Merfolk? Well, they had no feet at all, only fish tails. Many stepped forward, claiming that the crystal slipper would fit them perfectly. But alas, it never did.

Dejected, the Prince began the long trek back to the palace. Passing over a bridge, his way was blocked by the hideous Clackbridge Troll. 

The Prince grasped the hilt of his sword. ‘Stand aside, repulsive creature! By order of the Prince!’ 

‘Ah, the Prince,’ slobbered the troll. ‘Is it true what they say? About the slipper - and finding your bride?’

The Prince nodded. ‘It is, now out of my way!’ He drew his sword and in doing so, dropped the crystal slipper onto the bridge, right in front of the troll.

For something as monstrous and gnarled, the Clackbridge Troll had surprisingly dainty feet. And although dripping with decay and shrouded in stench, its foot slid effortlessly into the beautiful crystal slipper. The Charming Prince began to sweat.

‘Well, well, well…’ breathed the troll, its foul breath wafting over the Prince’s face. ‘Looks like I’ve got myself a handsome Prince to marry.’

And so it was that the Prince and the troll were married in a wonderful cliff-top ceremony. It was widely agreed that it was one of the strangest things Eldraine had ever seen. 

But not quite as strange, however, as the look of fear etched onto the Prince's face.

Nighty night. Sleep well.

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