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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel coming to PC next week

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Xseed Games first announced it was bringing JRPG The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (opens in new tab) to PC in April, and now they've revealed a concrete release date: August 2.

It first came out on Playstation 3 and the Vita back in 2013 to decent reviews, so if you're a JRPG fan this might be worth checking out. It's part of the branching Legend of Heroes series and set in the same universe as the Trails in the Sky trilogy, which you can play on PC (opens in new tab)

It kicks off a standalone story, so don't worry if you haven't dipped into those games before. The sequel, Trails of Cold Steel 2, is also coming to PC, but hasn't yet got a release date. 

The PC version will have 5,000 new lines of voiced dialogue, and the developers have enlisted mod god Peter "Durante" Thoman (opens in new tab)—the man who fixed the Dark Souls PC port—for the finishing touches. Both of those factors could make the PC port the definitive version of the game. 

Durante's written a blog about working on the project, which you can read here (opens in new tab).

It will be available on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store, although currently only the Steam page (opens in new tab) is live, with no price.

Samuel Horti
Samuel Horti

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