The Elder Scrolls Online's highly customisable housing system due in February

First mentioned at E3 back in June, The Elder Scrolls Online now has a rough ETA for its player-owned customisable housing system: February, 2017.

Named Homestead, the free update will introduce 40 different homes across the world map within which players can buy or craft over 2,000 items using their existing crafting skills. As can be seen in the trailer below, dwellings will be styled after one of the game's ten specific races and will vary in size—from small living spaces such as Inn rooms, to "huge manor estates with vast outdoor areas," so says publisher Bethesda Softworks in a statement. All homes will be located in base zones at launch, not within DLC areas. 

"Unfurnished homes will be available for purchase with either in-game Gold or with Crowns in the Crown Store," adds Bethesda. "Fully furnished homes will be available for purchase through the Crown Store with Crowns. Players will be allowed to preview homes prior to purchase, whether furnished and unfurnished."

Other points worth noting are that homes will be "instanced"—meaning there won't be a land rush of players attempting to acquire property. Players will also be able to fast travel to their homes via the world map; and homeowners will be able to invite visitors individually or in groups and will also be able to jump to other players' homes via friends lists and guild rosters. 

The furniture you create via Furniture Crafting can be sold to other players, and, crucially, homes are secure—meaning other players cannot break into our steal from your self-styled abodes.  

Again, no concrete release date just yet, but The Elder Scrolls' Homestead update is expected to land in February, 2017. Full details can be found on the game's official site