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The Elder Scrolls Online to get first content update later this month


Have you finished The Elder Scrolls Online yet? No!? Seriously, what's taking you so long? For most people, the announcement of new content for a massively massively MMO probably won't have much impact. But, for those who are on a mad dash to the end, Zenimax Online have announced that a new zone will be introduced at the end of the month. Called Craglorn, it'll be the game's first adventure zone, and is dedicated to group questing.

Craglorn's content starts at Veteran Rank 10, and will comprise of both 4-player questing and a 12-player trial. For more on the zone, head to Zenimax's introduction post .

As for TESO in general, check out Chris's ongoing review-in-progress to see how he's getting on.

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