The Dark Mod's 2.01 update released, alongside info on new fan-made missions

If you haven't yet downloaded The Dark Mod, you should. It's an excellent stealth game, our Mod of the Year for 2013 , and a refreshing reminder of Thief's better qualities ahead of what would seem to be a troubling sequel . If you have downloaded The Dark Mod, you should probably do it again (or at least run the game's update application). The standalone spiritual platform for larcenous levels has received a new update, bringing the game to 2.01. It's a minor update, as the one hundredth of an increase suggests, but it releases alongside details of some brand new missions for taffers to anticipate.

The update corrects some bugs and errors, but also improves certain female character models. As you can see from the released comparison shot , it's a big improvement. Even if the final result is basically Heather from Silent Hill.

It's the missions you should be more excited about. For one thing, there's a new one to play. Called Window of Opportunity , it's the first level to be added to the download list since November of last year.

In terms of future missions, "grayman" is apparently testing two more William Steele missions. That's good news, because the first - William Steele: In The North - is one of the best levels available in The Dark Mod. Finally, several team members are collaborating to convert the Doom 3 mod The Gatehouse into a mission for The Dark Mod.

The Dark Mod 2.01 is available now from the game's website .

Phil Savage

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