Switchcars, a game of car switching and killer landfish, is on Greenlight


It takes a certain je ne sais quoi for a game to get noticed in Steam Greenlight these days. Switchcars has convinced me that that mysterious quality is in fact time-trial hitchhiking while being pursued by a gigantic murderous landfish.

I had to watch the trailer through a couple of times before I could process what I was seeing. You have two minutes to travel 10km. To do so requires that you commandeer a vehicle and gun it through procedurally generated biomes while battling fuel shortages, flat tires and getting hit by trucks. Of course, you can switch into said truck and crush things yourself, but miss that two-minute deadline and Nemo finds you, flailing about the place like Spelunky's ghost on MDMA. By this point though, you might have picked up something like a tank, which is at least partially fish-resistant.

Now there's an alarming arrangement of words that justifies a vote.