Summoner's Rift update hits League of Legends PBE

Riot Games teased a big update to Summoner's Rift earlier this month , promising to bring "additional clarity" to the map through various tweaks and changes. Now, as promised, that new hotness has been rolled out to the League of Legends Public Beta Environment.

"Summoner's Rift is here," as Heather Jones, aka RiotBaconhawk, put it on Twitter , revealing that the update is up and running on the PBE. The overhauled Summoner's Rift features new landmarks, "color cues," monsters, more expressive models for Baron Nashor and Dragon and an elimination of much of the randomness of their attack patterns. According to News of Legends , a handful of jungle monsters have also been renamed:

  • Double Golems are now Ancient Krug and Krug
  • Ancient Golem is now Blue Sentinel and Sentries
  • Lizard Elder is now Red Brambleback and Cinderlings
  • Wraiths are now Crimson Razorbeak and Razorbeaks
  • Wight is now Gromp
  • Wolves are now Greater Murk Wolf and Murk Wolves

If you don't already have access to the PBE, you may put your name in the hat here . There's no word on when the update will hit the live servers, but feel free to enjoy this lovely " Summoner's Rift Evolves " promo site while you wait.

Andy Chalk

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