Street Fighter 5 mod restores R. Mika's ass slap

R. Mika's ass

Last November, Capcom made a very small change to the Street Fighter 5 character R. Mika that did away with the self-inflicted ass-slap she performed prior to launching an attack. I don't know why she would slap her own ass in the middle of a fight—some kind of “here comes the ass” warning, maybe—and I don't know why Capcom cut it, beyond the obvious fact that it was ridiculous. Whatever the reasons, it happened, and predictably, people—specifically the kind of people who sign petitions—got mad.

But one of the great things about PC gaming is that we're not necessarily stuck with what we're given. Enterprising modders can work all sorts of magic to make games behave in unintended ways. They can make a corgi that is a gun. They can make Dead or Alive 5 characters fight in the nude. And, yes, they can make R. Mika slap her ass like a particularly unloved stepchild before she drops a Sardine Beach Special.

The re-slappage magic comes from modder CENAWINSLOL and is available on the Kappa subreddit, which for the record is probably NSFW. It sounds like a fairly simple thing, as it simply replaces the camera animation file with one from the beta, when the slap was still in place, but the mod maker warned that he has no idea whether its use could trigger online desyncs or even bans, and urged users to back up their files before installing it. That said, the reaction amongst Redditors indicates that the mod does in fact work as intended.

I don't judge—I installed the Circle of Eight mod for Temple of Elemental Evil so I could get the brothel quests back, after all—but it seems like a really small thing to get worked up about, especially in light of the shockingly incomplete state of the game. Still, if this something you consider a problem, now there's a solution—and because it's bound to come up, CENAWINSLOL also has a mod that restores the upskirt shot of Cammy that was removed at the same time. Artistic integrity and all that, right?

Thanks, PCGamesN.

Andy Chalk

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