Star Wars themed Titan Xp graphics cards implore you to use the GeForce

Like a Jedi mind trick, Nvidia today told us what new collector's edition Titan Xp cards we have been waiting for, after teasing us with a short video last week. It turns out we wanted Star Wars-themed cards.

There are two to choose from—a green glowing card for users who choose to align with the Light Side, and a red glowing card for the Dark Side. Both cards have special graphics to go along with fancy lighting.

"The Jedi Order GPU simulates the wear and tear and battle-worn finish of many items used by the Rebel Alliance, resulting from its diecast aluminum cover being subjected to an extensive, corrosive salt spray. Conversely, the Galactic Empire GPU’s finish features simple, clean lines, emulating the high-end, orderly nature of the resource-rich Empire," Nvidia explains.

Other than their appearance, the collector's edition cards are the same as the vanilla Titan Xp with 3,840 CUDA cores running at 1.6GHz, and 12GB of GDDR5X memory running at 11.4Gbps.

Nvidia designed the collector's edition cards with several windowed areas to showcase some of the internals and lighting. It was shooting for a lightsaber look. As such, these cards are best suited for cases with side panels, that allow for mounting them on their side, such as with a riser cable.

The timing here is not random—Nvidia's themed cards will be available on November 17, the same day that Star Wars Battlefront 2 is released. There is also a new Stars Wars movie headed for the silver screen next month. Starting tomorrow, GeForce Experience users can preorder either card for $1,200. Each card comes with a collectable electroformed metal badge containing the insignia of whichever alliance you chose.

Paul Lilly

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