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Sponsored: Get free access to Hazard Ops, and fight hordes of amazing monsters

What if the the villains from all of the best B movies teamed up and attacked our planet? Then surely you'd need a squad of crack military personnel with big weapons to take them down. Below you'll find a key that'll grant you early access to Hazard Ops, which lets you fight with friends in frenzied co-op as a member of that team of saviours.

The Hazard Ops beta might answer age-old questions "is it harder to kill a robot than a mummy?" and "what hits harder, a hundred zombies or a single mutant crab monster?" Then there are the questions that have until now gone criminally unasked, like "let's put some rocket launchers on a dinosaur". Okay, that's not a question, but it is something that you can kill in Hazard Ops.

The premise is simple, you pick a wisecracking soldier of your choice, and then jump into arenas laden with deathtraps to fight back the hordes from a close over-the-shoulder perspective reminiscent of Resident Evil 4. Look out for giant boulders that have rolled right out of Indiana Jones, as well as vicious arrow traps—the sort you've encountered before in Skyrim's darkest dungeons—and spinning blades, ceiling-mounted flamethrowers, electrified water and huge mutants with flaming chains. They're particularly mean.

It's not all about buddying up to save the universe in Hazard Ops many co-op arenas. You can test your twitch headshot skills against human opponents in Hazard Ops' competitive modes, and modify your warrior with new guns, gadgets and powerful gear. You'll need a little something extra to take on Hazard Ops' skyscraper-tall bosses. You can register to play on the Hazard Ops site . Signing up would normally enter you into a queue for beta access, but PC Gamer have a bunch of keys to give away that'll get you in right away. To claim yours simply follow the brief instructions on the form below.

For more on Hazard Ops, check out the official site and watch a collection of videos showing the OTT action you're getting into.