Source: Former Steam head Jason Holtman has left Microsoft

Photo by Dan Griliopoulos .

Microsoft's often troubled relationship with PC gaming took a positive step in our eyes when the company hired Jason Holtman , previously the head of Steam at Valve, last summer. Now it looks like the gain was short-lived as it emerges that Holtman has left Microsoft after only six months.

Neowin first spotted that Holtman's LinkedIn page was updated to indicate that he departed from Microsoft in January after being hired in August. He had previously spent seven years at Valve.

A source who knows Holtman tells PC Gamer that he posted a confirmation and goodbye on his Facebook page: “Last week I left Microsoft and said goodbye to my friends there. Now looking around for something interesting and fun—no end of that in video games!”

Microsoft has not made a statement about the apparent departure—we'll update when we've learned more about the future of Microsoft's relationship with PC gaming and Holtman's short-lived tenure there.