Smell like a Monster Hunter with the actual real life Capcom perfume range

(Image credit: Capcom)

What do Monster Hunter: World's diligent Hunters smell like? It's not a question I've ever asked before, but now that the Capcom Tokyo Store is selling a collection of Monster Hunter perfumes, along with Devil May Cry and Phoenix Wright scents, I think answers are needed. 

The two Monster Hunter collections are actually from Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, but I'm not sure if that would have an impact on the smell. First we'd probably need to establish if it's designed to make us smell like a Hunter or the game itself. 

Its purpose is similarly a mystery. Does it have a practical application, like attracting monsters? Or dates? Does it cover up the smell of sweat and blood and monster drool, or does it just pile on more? Does it provide any buffs?

Clearly there's only one way to tell—I need to douse myself in it. Andy Kelly is in Japan right now, so I could just ask him to get a crate for the office. 

I'm going to assume the Devil May Cry 5 range has the overpowering whiff of leather, and Phoenix Wright probably just sprays something generic on himself because he's too busy with justice to worry about smelling nice. 

The absence of Resident Evil perfume is probably for the best.

I was given Marvel's Avengers cologne for Christmas one year, for some inexplicable reason, and it didn't smell anything like the Avengers, so I'm steeling myself for disappointment again. C'mon Capcom, let me smell like I've just kicked the shit out of a dinosaur.

Fraser Brown
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