Satellite Reign hits Kickstarter target, without resorting to the Persuadertron

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With three days to go, the hugely promising Syndicate-inspired strategy game Satellite Reign has reached its Kickstarter target (opens in new tab) , without having to resort to the persuadertron. Developers 5 Live Studios celebrated in the customary way: by releasing a short video of some digital fireworks (opens in new tab) . With a few days left on the clock, it seems likely that the team will hit their first stretch goal too, which sees Syndicate composer Russell Shaw returning to the world of neo-noir isometric strategy games. This would be very good news (opens in new tab) indeed. Digital fireworks all round!

Satellite Reign is, of course, being developed by a studio that includes Mike 'I was the lead designer of Syndicate Wars' Biskett, so it has a very good chance of not completely missing the point (opens in new tab) of the celebrated series.

Between this and Shadowrun Returns (opens in new tab) , I hereby declare today International Cyberpunk Day. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read William Gibson's Neuromancer, before dying your hair blue and buying an ill-fitting leather jacket off the internet.

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