Runescape subs cost to rise in 2015, but only for new players


The bad news is that Jagex has announced that the subscription rates for Runescape will be going up in 2015. The good news for existing players is that the increase will only affect new subscribers, or those who let their memberships lapse for too long.

Jagex revealed the coming increase yesterday, and while exact timing and pricing haven't been announced yet, the company also confirmed that active subscribers won't be affected by the increase unless and until they let their subscriptions lapse for more than 14 days. After that, they'll have to pony up at the higher rate, just like newbies.

"We've got big plans for RuneScape in 2015, as Mod Mark showed you at RuneFest, and we'll be putting more power than ever into your hands—developing your most popular ideas as content updates," the studio wrote.

Runescape membership currently costs $8 per month, or $40 for six months if you're committed and want to save a few bucks. More information about the coming changes and how they will affect other parts of the game can be found in the FAQ.

Andy Chalk

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