Roccat Sova revealed, a mouse and keyboard solution for Steam Machines

Back in January, Evan expressed his doubts in the Steam Controller . No matter how hard Valve tries, it simply cannot replace the mouse and keyboard (though its recent delay indicates that Valve certainly wants to try). "An innovative controller can't and won't replace the decades-long relationship PC gamers have with WASD," he wrote, "because PC gamers don't like compromise." And he's absolutely right.

Roccat agrees with us, and has developed a solution that it says can put the control of a mouse and keyboard setup into the living room (say, with a Steam Machine ). The company today unveiled that solution to PC Gamer, a lapboard it calls the Roccat Sova.

Roccat describes the Sova as a "highly modular wireless keyboard and mousepad combo, designed with extreme durability, for extreme play, in the comfort of your living room." It combines a Roccat mechanical keyboard with an extendable and retractable mouse pad on a board that rests on your legs, letting you play PC games from a couch with a familar setup. Roccat says the padded leg rests and ergonomic palm rest "ensure that three hours of gaminga re just as comfortable and fun as fifteen." The Sova will also sync with your smartphone and integrates Roccat's Power-Grid software.

Roccat founder and CEO René Korte explains that the Sova was designed specifically with an eye toward PC gaming's move to the living room and Valve's Steam Machine initiative. “We believe platforms like the Steam Box are fantastic," he writes, "and we want everyone to be able to access them equally."

Roccat is showing the Sova at E3 2014 this week, and we plan on offering hands-on impressions for the lapboard soon. Be sure to also check out our list of the best gaming keyboards.