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Razer's opto-mechanical Huntsman keyboard is just $100 for Prime Day

Razer's opto-mechanical Huntsman keyboard is just $100 for Prime Day
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Razer's flagship Huntsman Elite keyboard has been one of our favorites since its release last year (you can see our review here). One of the few complaints we've had about it was its hefty $200 price point. Now, thanks to the Amazon Prime Day deals, you can try those fancy switches for just $100 (opens in new tab) with the base Razer Huntsman. 

Razer Huntsman Opto-Mechanical Keyboard | $100 on Amazon (save $50) (opens in new tab)
Razer's opto-mechanical switches are easily one of our favorites. At $100, the Huntsman keyboard is much more accessible and highly recommended.

Although our review was for the Razer Huntsman Elite, the base Huntsman features the same exact switches, chroma lighting and build quality. The only difference between the two is a lack of media control buttons and a wrist rest. If you can do without the former, $100 is a great price to get your hands on Razer's opto-mechanical switches. You see, it's one of the best gaming keyboards.

The Huntsman family of Razer keyboards is the only place in the world to find their opto-mechanical switch, and it's one of the best (and most technologically interesting) switches on the market. The opto-mechanical build eschews traditional metal contacts, and instead actuates by a beam of light that fires through the switch when the key is depressed, meaning actuation is almost instantaneous. The other major advantage of removing all the relatively frail, slender metal contact pieces from the switch is that they're rated as twice as durable as standard mechanical switches, up to 100 million keystrokes. They're tactile switches that actuate at 1.5 mm and 45g of force, meaning they're ridiculously easy to spam but still provide tactile feedback. They're also amazing for typing for much the same reason.

You'll be sure to find plenty of mechanical keyboard deals this Prime Day, some of which might even be a whole lot cheaper than $100, but the Huntsman's switches are one of a kind.

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