Razer wants to bolster your broadcasting setup with a unique webcam and mic

As more gamers get into streaming, Razer continues to expand its product line with more broadcasting products, the latest of which include a new microphone and webcam with some interesting features.

Starting with the webcam, which is arguably the more interesting of the two, Razer's new Kiyo is the first desktop camera to have an adjustable light ring. This isn't for looks, but to help illuminate subjects in otherwise poor lighting.

"Steamers no longer have to rely on low-light compensation with lowered frame rates. High-definition video outputs at 720p with 60 fsp (up to 1080p with 30 fps)," Razer says.

The Kiyo is equipped with 12 LEDs and offers a dozen levels of brightness through a 12-step ring dial. Brightness maxes out at 10 lux (at 1 meter), with a 5600K "daylight" color temperature to avoid a funky hue.

Razer is taking aim at streamers who don't have the funds or desire to invest in a professional lighting setup. The Kiyo also comes with an auto-focus feature, though in our limited testing found that manually controlling the focus produced better results. 

Also new is the Seiren X, a USB condenser microphone that brings another first to the table—it's the first mic to sport a in-built shock mount to prevent picking up sounds caused by vibrations. Combined with its cut down size—it's around 50 percent smaller than the original Seiren at just 6 inches tall—the Seiren X is suitable for gamers on the go who need a more portable solution.

The Seiren X is equipped with 25mm condenser capsules. Razer also touts the ability to pick up super cardioid pickup patterns to record sound at tighter and more precise angles that are suitable for streaming.

Both the Kiyo and Seiren X will be available later this month for $100 each (about £75). We're currently testing both items for consideration in our guides to the best webcams and microphones

Paul Lilly

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