Razer is taking pre-orders for its $50 Abyssus V2 ambidextrous gaming mouse

Razer has begun taking pre-orders for its new Abyssus V2 gaming mouse, a low-frills rodent that doesn't shun left-handed players. Same goes for right-handed gamers thanks to its ambidextrous design.

Like the original Abyssus, this new model is a "basic-but-versatile" mouse that's suitable for a range of playing styles. The Abyssus V2 sports a 5,000 DPI optical sensor, up from the original's 3,500 DPI sensor, along with a dedicated cycling button for toggling between up to five different customizable DPI settings.

Other features include in-mould rubberized side grips with a honeycomb pattern to prevent slippage, four programmable buttons rated at up to 20 million clicks, and three-color backlighting with three lighting effects—static, breathing, and three-color breathing.

"The Abyssus V2 is a price-performer in the Razer mouse line, offering gamers high-level functionality and durability at an entry-level cost. The mouse is perfect for lefties or right-handed players, casual gamers, or users looking for an inexpensive second device," Razer says.

If interested, you can pre-order the Abyssus V2 for $50 direct from Razer or Amazon. Shipments will go out sometime later this month.

Paul Lilly

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