Play Super Meat Boy, the award-winning meat-based adventure

Super Meat Boy is a critically acclaimed puzzle-filled platforming adventure that casts players as a living cube of meat named Meat Boy. Now available to download on NVIDIA’s next-generation entertainment platform, SHIELD Android TV, Super Meat Boy tasks players with completing a series of increasingly challenging levels in order to rescue Meat Boy’s girlfriend Bandage Girl who’s been kidnapped by an evil scientist.

Super Meat Boy boasts charming retro-style visuals and gameplay that are an homage to video game classics from the past. Not only does the game feature pixelated graphics inspired by beloved franchises like Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man, but its increasingly challenging and often unforgiving levels are also influenced by punishingly difficult games of that era.

Meat Boy can run left and right, jump, and bounce off walls to achieve multiple leaps up vertical surfaces. This would be a straightforward task were it not for the fact that the maze-like levels are claustrophobically designed, the platforms are often small and the drops precipitous.

Only a combination of split-second reactions and pixel perfect precision will get you where you need to be. The addition of hazards such as deadly saws, crumbling platforms and cannonballs are the poisonous icing on an already deadly cake. But once you overcome Super Meat Boy’s toughest challenges, success is that much sweeter.

With over 300 levels to play through, Super Meat Boy is an extremely rewarding platforming adventure that’s a great addition to SHIELD Android TV's growing library of must-play games.

Download Super Meat Boy now on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV via Google Play for $14.99.

By Andy Dyer

Sponsored by Nvidia