Play Rising Storm 2: Vietnam for free this weekend

Everyone relaxes in their own way. For many of us, it means squeezing in a few hours of quality gaming time. FPS fans who are bored of their current Steam library should give Rising Storm 2: Vietnam a try this week. It’s free to play from Thursday, November 15 at 1PM EDT, until Wednesday, November 21st at 1PM. EDT. and if you enjoy it (many of you will), you can snag the base game for 67% off and its DLCs for 50% off.

Before you jump in, know that being an FPS demigod in Call of Duty doesn’t automatically guarantee success in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. This game requires patience, cunning, and knowing when to fight and when to run.

The weaponry in RS2: Vietnam is super deadly; it only takes a couple of well-placed shots to the chest, or a single shot to the spine to send a player to the respawn screen. Some weapons can kill with their operation alone. For example, the RPG’s backblast can kill anyone unfortunate enough to stand in its way.

Your arsenal consists of classic arms from the Vietnam War like the Thompson M1A1, SKS-45, and the newly-added MP40. They all feature realistic handling and ballistic models, so the sooner you forget spray-and-pray, the better.

Shooters, especially one as unforgiving as RS2: Vietnam, are best played with a coordinated team. To boost your survival rate on the historically-accurate battlefields, try enlisting a few friends. While you may still be the best one out of the bunch, they’ll at least attempt to follow your orders. Whatever happens, however, remember to play nice and have fun.

For current RS2: Vietnam owners the Rearmed and Remastered update went live on November 6, bringing with it two new maps “Mekong” and “Dong Ha”, five new weapons, and a bevy of performance improvements.  Your game will update automatically with the new content when you run it from Steam.