Planetary Annihilation gets new stretch goal: galactic war

Planetary Annihilation's Kickstarter push has gone into overdrive. $1.3m has been pledged already, which means we'll get gas giants and improved orbital units. $1.5m is the next goal. That'll give Uber the funds to create lava and metal planets, which is all very nice, except yesterday they announced a new $1.8m goal: GALACTIC WAR .

Galactic War is described as a "replayable single and multiplayer metagame." It'll let you conquer procedurally generated galaxies system by system. You can play solo against AI, or join "online multiplayer mega-battles" and "plunder the universe" with friends. There will also be clan wars servers for larger, more organised competitions. You can watch the Uber crew talk up their heady new goal in the latest video update right here.

This raises an interesting question, though. If the $1.8m is galactic war, what on earth is "stretch goal five?"

Tom Senior

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