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Phantom Brigade brings 'an XCOM style campaign' to giant robot strategy

Designed as a spiritual successor to games like Front Mission and Armored Core, Phantom Brigade is a modern interpretation of tactical, turn-based mech strategy. With a clean UI, destructible buildings, and pilots that remember how you treat them (like a simple Nemesis System), Phantom Brigade is shaping up to be one of the more exciting tactics games on our radar. 

Watch the video above for an early look at its slick interface and to hear Founder Chad Jenkins talk about how development on the campaign is going. 

It's all great news, but perhaps the best news is that Jenkins confirmed mod support will be integral to Phantom Brigade. Because he broke into the industry by making mods for Kerbal Space Program, he'd be remiss to leave them behind. Expect plenty of malleability when Phantom Brigade eventually releases. 

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