PC Gamer UK Christmas Issue - Diablo 3


The Christmas issue of PC Gamer UK comes straight from hell, but it looks heavenly, with not just one Diablo 3 cover but five. You can see four of them below, each depicting a different character class from Blizzard's hack-and-slasher.

Aren't they pretty? You can buy them in shops right now . The fifth, showing Diablo's female Wizard in all her splendour, is available as this month's special edition subscriber's cover. Do you wish you received our bee-yoo-tiful text-free covers? You can if you subscribe to PC Gamer .

But that's not all! Behind those covers, there's an entire magazine of fine PC games writing. It begins with Tim meeting with Blizzard and dishing the latest details on, as you might have guessed, Diablo 3 . He tells us about zombie bears, how to pimp frogs, and whether the series has really fallen into World of WarCraft's sparkle-horse fantasy land.

We then get our dukes on Duke Nukem Forever , to find out if the hard man of gaming is still the surly beefcake we remember, or if age has rendered his pecs saggy and wrinkled. Al Bickham scrawled the answer on the walls of the PC Gamer office in poo, but we made him clean up and type it afterwards.

In what little time he wasn't playing StarCraft 2's multiplayer, Rich spoke to Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, lead artist on Deus Ex 3 , to find out how you design a cyber-renaissance. To justify the rest of his time as "work", he wrote about his efforts to reach StarCraft 2 's multiplayer Gold league, in a feature we wittily called Going For Gold.

Craig flew to Lapland to discover Santa's best toys for this year's Christmas Gift Guide . Sadly, it does not contain last year's best gift: baconnaise , which remains the ultimate bacon-flavoured spread.

When done smearing ourselves in foul-smelling paste, we climbed atop PC Gamer towers and gazed meaningfully towards the horizon. There we spotted Dragon Age 2 , Rock of Ages , Homefront , Blight of the Immortals (from the developer of Neptune's Pride), Cargo (from the developer of The Void and Pathologic) and Test Drive Unlimited 2 , and wrote previews of each one. We also set our small army of critical mind-thinkers upon the latest games, and they spun out word-opinions on Lego Universe , Football Manager 2011 , The Ball , FIFA Manager 2011 and a bunch more.

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