Path of Shadows emerges on Greenlight, sneaks towards Kickstarter

You may remember last year's promising student-made prototype, Path of Shadows . The demo offered a beautiful looking, enjoyable stealth adventure, albeit one with a few glitches and bugs that escaped undetected. The good news is that the project is being revived, with its creators planning to turn it into an expanded game. For now it's found a home among the dark greyness of Steam Greenlight . Soon, though, it'll be creeping towards Kickstarter. I bet it'll feel really self-conscious on those light, bright pages.

Path of Shadows takes inspiration from games like Tenchu, offering an ancient Japan-like playground of sneaking. You play as a resurrected warrior, given power to create and move between shadows. You can also use them to absorb dead bodies, for ease of hiding.

The game has now made it into Greenlight Top 100, which, given Valve's regular bulk submission process, is a strong sign that it'll soon be accepted. That will then be followed in March by the Kickstarter campaign.

Head to the Path of Shadows website for more, or see the IGF trailer below.

Alternatively, check out this collection of attractive gifs .

Phil Savage

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