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Overwatch's open beta begins

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Overwatch (opens in new tab)'s open beta is now live, so let this put an end to the raging (opens in new tab) over invites and the suspiciously large number of streamers in the closed beta. Every map, every hero, every launch-day feature is available to try. Note that 'launch-day features' does not include competitive play (opens in new tab), which has been pulled until some time after release for a redesign.

Overall, it's much closer to a demo than a beta (although not close enough that your progress will carry over to live). Blizzard must be confident it'll shine.

The floodgates are open until 10am PT (6pm BST) May 9. You don't need anything other than a account and an internet connection to take part (opens in new tab).

Overwatch is out May 24.