Now here's a 4K TV panel that appeals to a PC gamer's extreme sensibilities

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Panel mega-manufacturer AU Optronics (AUO) is reportedly releasing an 85-inch 4K panel with a refresh rate up to 240Hz. Now I don't know about you, but that sure sounds like the sweet-spot for PC gaming writ large on the big screen.

Word of this high-performance panel comes from DigiTimes (spotted by Videocardz), who notes that it should also feature variable refresh rate tech to keep your games running smoothly and tear-free. Beyond that, there are only a few other details currently available regarding the monitor's capabilities, including its DCI-P3 96% coverage and anti-glare coating.

Some of the specifications left unsaid will depend on the monitor manufacturer that ends up using said panel. AU Optronics panels are used far and wide in both TVs and gaming monitors, so you'll probably see a couple of TV brands put this particular screen to good use.

Here's hoping the end product is as impressive as it sounds it could be—it would completely do away with the expectation that big TVs come with lower refresh rates than your average gaming monitor.

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That said, there's no way such a TV would come cheap, and it usually takes a while for high-end display tech to filter down into a more affordable price range. 

And it might even be a little while before we see a shipping product built with this pricey panel, too. I've not yet been made aware to any planned products yet, and AUO's website is yet to list the panel as either a product or an announcement post on its newsroom.

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