Minecraft character creator will sync between Windows 10 version and AR spin-off

Minecraft's character creator, currently in beta, will sync your avatars between the Windows 10 Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Earth, the upcoming augmented reality spin-off for mobile unveiled in May, Mojang announced at Minecon yesterday.

The tool is a streamlined way to customize your character without using skins, and will come with lots of options for clothes, skin color, eye color, hair, facial expressions and prosthetic limbs. Many options will be free, but you'll have to pay for some. At Minecon yesterday, Mojang said the character creator will also let you pick capes and unlock items as you complete achievements: chopping down your first tree gets you a lumberjack shirt, while crafting your first hoe nets you a wheat toothpick. Check out some of the items in the video above.

Each player can create up to five characters, and they'll all sync between Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Earth, which enters early access on mobile devices next month. 

The character creator is still in beta, and if you're keen to try it out you should follow Mojang's instructions. You'll need to use the Xbox Insider Hub app: if you're playing on the Java edition, you can get a redeemable code for the Windows 10 version if you bought it before October 19, 2018 by logging into your Mojang account.

If you want to customize your character the old fashion way, browse our list of the best Minecraft skins.

To read about Minecraft's Nether update, also announced at Minecon, click here.

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