Might & Magic Heroes 7 is getting an overhaul


Might & Magic Heroes 7 has been met with some pretty fierce criticism from the community, and the developers have been patching the heck out of it in response. A lot of bugs and other issues have been ironed out, but there's still a way to go.

"Big strides have come about in performance and after much testing and optimization we are pleased to say we've hit a really big mile stone in terms of memory reduction and load times", reads a post on the official website. "Memory usage has essentially been cut in half on a map by map basis. With this comes a big reduction of load times and overall performance will have noticeably been improved."

Another incoming change is the visual design of the game. "For many players, game saturation levels were not satisfying and the game appeared not as colourful and magical as a Heroes title should be," they said. "As such we have decided to do a re pass of saturation, contrast and color to every single adventure map in the game to make things brighter and more immersive. We hope with this change people will find the game more pleasing to the eye."

You can see an example of these changes in the image above, or check the post I linked to for an interactive slidey-thing. Balancing, multiplayer, and the game's editor are other things being worked on. Let's see how it all turns out when the patch is released in the coming days.

Andy Kelly

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