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MechWarrior Online release date announced, open beta infographic will terrify engineers

46,941,487. That's how many mechs have been destroyed during the open beta of MechWarrior Online. Never mind the strain that must put on the pilots, what about the guys who have to put them all back together? Let's hope they get overtime. And it'll only get worse, because the full 1.0 release of the game has now been set for September 17th. To celebrate, developer Piranha Games have released an infographic showing the havoc being caused by the respective owners of the game's 1.1 million registered accounts.

Until its September release, Piranha continue to update the beta with new content. To complement their 20th round of tweaks and changes, there's a new mech in the Lab: the Dragon Slayer Hero Mech. You can see the full patch list for the update here . Or just watch this video of the Dragon Slayer jetting around, increasing that giant tally of destroyed metal monsters.

Phil Savage
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