Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite adds Nemesis, Frank West, Haggar at Comic Con [Updated]

Update: After being teased during its San Diego Comic Con panel last week, a new official in-game footage-sporting trailer has emerged for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

Starring Spider-Man and a trifecta of new faces in Dead Rising's Frank West, Resident Evil's Nemesis and Final Fight's Haggar, the supercharged fight 'em up's latest offering is as fast-firing as ever. 

Haggar's repertoire of power bombs, suplexes and various other wrestling-inspired moves are my favourite below, however he does go on to take a bit of a tanking from Spidey and West's arsenal of gadgets. Gamora and Thanos later enter the fold, and the former's 'Mind Stone Infinity Surge' further kicks the beleaguered Final Fight-er's backside. A case of brains/brutally powerful supernatural abilities over brawn, I guess. 

Anyway, onto those moving pictures: 

Original story: 

The roster for Capcom's incoming superstar fighter Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is filling up fast, having previously confirmed the likes of Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon and Jedah. Now, Resident Evil's Nemesis, Dead Rising's Frank West, and Final Fight's Haggar have been confirmed ahead of the game's September 19 launch. 

Confirmed by Capcom itself at the game's San Diego Comic Con panel, NerdReactor's Chris Del Castillo captured the following footage that stars the three new faces, alongside a typically nimble web-hurling Spider-Man.

Not much more to go on as yet, but expect to see an official trailer surface soon. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is due to launch on PC September 19, 2017.

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