Leaked SimCity survey hints at some potential futures, including offline mode

Get a grain of salt ready. This leaked SimCity survey has some pretty exciting items on it—from offline mode to the ability to build mega skyscrapers that contain multiple zoning types—but it's hard to verify that it's actually from EA. And even if it is, these are all simply pitched features that the devs and publishers are trying to gauge our interest in. There's no guarantee that any of this will ever make it into the game... but it's interesting to look over in any case.

The survey, posted by Reddit user bigbrwnbear includes a few items that have already made it into the game: Superheroes, British and French city sets, and airships. This seems to suggest that this survey probably went out before the launch version of the game was finalized. We've collected the most intriguing items on the survey below:

  • Simulate to the Sky: Build Upward instead of Outward with SuperScrapers! Live, work, shop, and play under one roof: Have multiple zones in each Superscraper; Multi-layer transportation; Denser cities with bigger populations
  • Naming: Personalize your city like never before. Name your buildings, your streets, your businesses, and even your Sims in SimCity!
  • Shared Events: Partake in weekly events that occur across the SimCity world. Festivals, Zombie invasions, Sporting Events, and more. Each event is packed with missions and special rewards to decorate your city.
  • Terraforming: True God Mode powers give you the ability to raise/lower terrain and create your own regional maps, carve out lakes, rivers, and oceans.
  • Classic Mode: In offline or online mode, play a single fully functioning city using cheats and unlocks that allow you to create your perfect city.
  • Cities without Boundaries: The landscape is wide open. Push your cities for miles and miles. Set your own city borders.

If any of these features not already in the game end up on Origin (such as the fairly specific Roman Casino and Japanese City Pack), it would certainly lend some credence to the idea that this is the real deal. You can look over the full survey for yourself on imgur .