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League of Legends CGI trailer celebrates Season One

These Defense of the Ancients-style arena games are really popular, as it turns out. To rally attention to its now-live Season One release , Riot Games has released an impressive CGI trailer for League of Legends. There's angel knights. Massive, backpack-kept scrolls. Tower smashing. And one slow-mo cleavage shot so unnecessary that I immediately went to the game's website to look up the buxom fighter's champion profile page .

The launch of Season One represents a significant milestone for LoL: it introduces ranked games. LoL's new competitive ladder will culminate in a money-filled tournament, says Riot Games. "Players who finish the season at the top of the League of Legends ladder will have the opportunity to participate in the Season One finals tournament which boasts a total prize purse of $100,000.

How does this game have so many characters .

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