Divinity: Fallen Heroes is a tactical RPG follow-up to Original Sin 2

Divinity: Fallen Heroes is a tactical game with more than a few RPG trappings, set after the events of our 2017 GOTY Divinity: Original Sin 2. Once again sailing on The Lady Vengeance, you'll continue your story and, of course, be forced to deal with a new evil. Check out the trailer above. 

Divinity: Original Sin 2 was great overall—take a look at my review—but the tactical combat really stole the show. The greater focus on tactics in Divinity: Fallen Heroes doesn't mean there won't still be a story full of choice, consequences and other elements drawn from the RPGs. It's a "tactical game with all the depth of an RPG," says Larian, which is developing Fallen Heroes with Logic Artists. 

Malady, Fane, Ifan, Lohse, Sebille, Red Emperor and Beast all return, and you can actually play as Malady if you don't want to take control of your character from the last game. Expect new heroes, too, who'll join your crew and create management wrinkles. You'll need to be diplomatic as well as tactical.

You'll lead your troops across 60 missions, visiting the Lizard Empire and Dwarven Kingdom. 30 different types of unit will be available, along with more than 200 skills. There's a revised combat system, to boot, along with technology that you can research and artefacts that can be used to buff your squad. 

Like its predecessors, there will be a singleplayer and co-op mode, so you can recruit a mate to shoulder the burden. 

You'll be able to see Divinity: Fallen Heroes at PAX East, and we've already taken it for a spin and will have impressions up today. We'll also have loads of details in the next issue of the magazine, available in the UK on April 4.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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