Kerbal Space Program 2 is finally coming

Kerbal Space Program 2
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It's been a mighty long wait, but the green bean-flinging Kerbal Space Program 2 finally has a release date… for early access, anyway. After three years and four delays, the rocket-building sim is arriving on Steam and Epic on February 24, 2023.

After its announcement at Gamescom 2019, it was originally supposed to release in early 2020. You know, the before times. Understandably it was delayed, and then moved from developer Star Theory Games over to Intercept Games shortly after. It was delayed into 2021 and then again into the latter half of 2022. It was pushed back again in May this year, albeit only by a few months. It's nice to have a firm release date now, even if it's not quite a full release just yet.

The game's early access will come with over 350 "new and improved parts to build with," plus the option to customise and paint all your various wee space vehicles. Players can also go through the whole Kerbolar system, with "classic locations" like Kerbin, Mun and Jool making their return. 

Intercept also has some future additions in the works. Some things that have already been promised—like multiplayer and mod support—should be making their way into the game "throughout the proceeding months," plus additional features like interstellar travel and colonies that can be plonked across the galaxy.

Intercept creative director Nate Simpson said he was "so excited" to see Kerbal Space Program 2 releasing in early access. "It will allow Kerbal fans to see for themselves all the amazing progress we've made as we reach the final stages of development. At its heart, KSP2 is about exploration, discovery and conquering the force of gravity by adding more boosters." Lead producer Nestor Gomez said the team will be "listening and seeing the reactions" to the sequel, adding "much like the original game, this journey will help us leverage a massively powerful tool: our passionate community."

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