Investor ragequits Square Enix over Final Fantasy XIV, sells 1% of the company

Final Fantasy XIV - Raaaage

Square-Enix share prices took a mysterious dive recently, but what was first assumed to be a misplaced stock sale was allegedly down to the actions of one disgruntled investor, who decided to sell his $26 million worth of shares in one go in protest at the release state of Final Fantasy XIV. It's the ultimate ragequit.

As reported over at Massively , it's estimated that the unnamed Japanese investor sold approximately 1% of the company at an estimated value of $26 million in protest over the quality of the game.

Here's the statement he released explaining the decision: "first thing in the morning tomorrow, I intend to instruct those who manage my precious SquareEnix stock to arrange to sell all of it. To Square, thank you for the enjoyment of your products up until now, with the exception of this last one. Goodbye." Square Enix's share prices recovered within the day.

Normally investors influence company decisions by threatening to sell before a company makes a decision, to do so without warning after the fact suggests he must have been one angry fellow. What do you think, a bold move or a rash decision?

Tom Senior

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