Intel’s unreleased Core i7-8670 Coffee Lake shows up on benchmarking site

It's been rumored that Intel is prepping a new batch of Coffee Lake processors for the desktop, and today one of the rumored chips made an appearance in GFXBench's benchmarking database.

That chip is the Core i7-8670. Assuming the information is accurate, it's interesting that Intel is positioning this part as a Core i7 chip. As TechPowerUp notes, Intel to this point has reserved the 87xx number scheme for its mainstream Core i7 desktop CPUs, and 86xx for its Core i5 lineup.

Buried in the information tab is that the Core i7-8670 is a 6-core/12-thread processor, just as we would expect from a Core i7 Coffee Lake CPU, with a 3.1GHz base clockspeed. There is no mention of a Turbo clock. If it is in fact a Core i7 part, it will likely have 12MB of L3 cache as well (as has been previously rumored).

There is no mention of pricing, though we can get an idea by looking at where it wedges into Intel's current Coffee Lake lineup (based on prices at Newegg):

  • Core i7-8700K (opens in new tab) (6-core/12-thread, 3.7GHz-4.7GHz, 12MB)—$340
  • Core i7-8700 (opens in new tab) (6-core/12-thread, 3.2GHz-4.1GHz, 12MB)—$310
  • Core i7-8670 (6-core/12-thread, 3.1GHz-?, 12MB)—???
  • Core i5-8600K (opens in new tab) (6-core/6-thread, 3.6GHz-4.3GHz, 9MB)—$240
  • Core i5-8400 (opens in new tab) (6-core/6-thread, 2.8GHz-4GHz, 9MB)—$182

There is a $70 gap between the Core i5-8600K and Core i7-8700. Barring any wholesale price changes, it's reasonable to expect the Core i7-8670 to cost in the neighborhood of $275.

As to performance, GFXBench mainly focuses on graphics. The Core i7-8670 uses Intel's integrated UHD 630 graphics and scored similarly to a Core i7-8700 with the same iGPU. With only a 100MHz difference in CPU clocks between the two, the Core i7-8670 could end up a popular option.

Paul Lilly

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