HyperX Cloud II headset down to £45

There are a lot of headsets on the market right now, as all the manufacturers are trying to muscle in on Kingston and SteelSeries' dominance. These two companies have been making the best headsets for a while now, and even newer products aren't standing up to them when it comes to price and performance. The HyperX Cloud II isn't our favorite Kingston headset, but you can find it for a great price at Currys at the moment for £45

Bear in mind that the HyperX Cloud Revolver has superior sound quality, but you'll be paying £80 for a new one, which is almost double the price. If you're on a tight budget but still want a good quality headset, then the HyperX Cloud II is still a good option. It has a closed-back design, so you won't be able to hear much going on around you, and nor will your audio bleed out to your surroundings. It's a 7.1 headset, plus you get a USB audio control box so you can control volume levels and mute your microphone quickly. The memory foam ear pads are comfortable, but your head might get a bit stuffy if you're going to be wearing them for hours at a time.

As for the price, £45 is cheaper than it's ever been on Amazon, where it's currently sitting at £62, with the lowest it's ever been at £50. Currys is selling the Red version for £45, while the Gun Metal version is still up at £60.

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