Hunger is a sidescrolling 'suspense adventure' about escaping The Maw

Hunger 05

Hunger is a sidescrolling platformer about a young girl escaping a labyrinth full of monsters. On paper it sounds like a whimsical little jaunt, but check out the teaser trailer below and you'll feel differently.

Dubbed 'suspense-adventure', the Tarsier Studios developed title looks terrifying. That's mostly thanks to the sound design, which is closer to Silent Hill than, say, Wonder Boy in Monster Land. Meanwhile, the puzzle-oriented platforming recalls Limbo, which was also pretty bloody terrifying. Tarsier Studios is responsible for a couple of LittleBigPlanet games as well as Tearaway Unfolded, so they've got plenty of experience building beautiful platformers.

Hunger is still early in development – and we don't know anything about which platforms it will appear on – but the trailer below is well worth a look.

Shaun Prescott

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