Huawei and NZXT are getting in on the monitor game. No fooling

Huawei Display
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Huawei is expanding its product portfolio to include PC monitors, the first of which is a modest 23.8-inch display with an IPS screen and a 1920x1080 resolution. It's fairly basic from top to bottom, but an appropriate model to gets its feet wet in a new product segment. Meanwhile, NZXT is on the hunt for a monitor engineering lead. More on that in a moment.

First, let's talk about the new 'Huawei Display 23.8' that just launched. Taken what it's good at in the smartphone sector, Huawei's first monitor trims the bezels to where they are almost nonexistent.

"At a time when purchase decisions are primarily driven by user experiences, consumers demand more from not just the displays equipped on smartphones, but also from PC displays," Huawei notes.

The top and side bezels measure a scant 5.7mm, giving the display a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio. I've only seen renders, but it looks attractive enough for a no-frills monitor.

By no frills, I mean it lacks things like G-Sync or FreeSync support, you won't find a built-in USB hub or speakers, and it doesn't offer HDR visuals or a crazy-high refresh rate (just 60Hz).

My hope is that Huawei builds on this and comes out with a competitively priced gaming monitor at some point. As it stands, the Huawei Display 23.8 is available direct from Huawei for £150 with a free MateDock 2 thrown in. Additionally, the product page touts a £30 off coupon code, A30DY.

As for NZXT, the company recently posted a job listing for a full-time Display/Monitor Engineering Lead, Principle Engineer, who will be responsible for developing and qualifying flat panel displays for desktop monitors and unspecified portable products (perhaps laptops).

"This individual will be working on flat panel displays, both at the component and system level. This role will work with the system design team, the EE team, mechanical team, the supply base management team and the display suppliers and will be managing all activities necessary to deliver the display system from initial concept into final products / mass production," the job listing states.

Screen queens

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I have many questions about this effort, such as when NZXT hopes to launch its first gaming monitor and what features it will focus on. Will it support FreeSync or G-Sync, and will serve up a fast refresh rate?

Only NZXT knows, and unfortunately I was not able to pry any juicy details from the company.

"We don't have any specifics or details to share right now but can say that quality and design are important to us in all aspects of a gamer's setup. We are always exploring how we may be able to bring our expertise to other parts of the experience. We will be sure to share any updates if and when we have them," an NZXT representative told me.

NZXT started off many years ago making cases for gamers, but has since expanded into several other product lines, including coolers, power supply units, and even prebuilt desktop PCs and standalone motherboards. Perhaps by this time next year, it will have added gaming monitors to its portfolio.

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