How to use smudge sticks in Phasmophobia

how to use phasmophobia smudge sticks
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Trying to figure out how to use Phasmophobia smudge sticks? Cleansing the area near a ghost with them is often one of the goals presented to you during a job, so doing it properly is often a good way to net some extra cash. Remember to bring smudge sticks and a lighter with you on missions if the goal pops up on the truck's whiteboard so you'll be prepared to cross it off the list.

When used properly, smudge sticks discourage ghosts from hunting you for a short period of time. Using smudge sticks could help you calm an overactive ghost or give you the confidence to goad a ghost into revealing itself so you can get a picture without being attacked. You may not always be quite sure if a cleansing has worked—this is the Early Access version of the game, after all—but don't let that stop you from trying. Here's how to use the smudge sticks in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia smudge sticks: How to use them

First, be sure to arrive prepared by bringing smudge sticks and a lighter on the job with you. If you're alone, add both the smudge sticks and lighter to your inventory. While holding the sticks, press the secondary action button (F by default) to light them. If you're with a teammate, have them hold out the smudge sticks then turn on your lighter (right-mouse button by default). 

With your reticle pointing to the smudge sticks, press your secondary action to light them. It can be a bit finicky, so you may have to try clicking multiple times—you'll know it's working once the smudge sticks start smoking. Lighting the smudge sticks alone is less tricky, but that takes up more precious inventory space. In a pinch, you can also light smudge sticks with a lit candle. 

In short:

  • Hold your lighter and turn it on.
  • Point your reticle at the smudge sticks.
  • Use the lighter's secondary action (F) to light them.
  • Throw 'em on the ground.

Once they begin smoking, you can safely chuck those smudge sticks on the floor or walk around with them in your hand. Whichever makes you feel safer, pro ghost hunter. If your ghost is nearby, it shouldn't hunt you for a short period of time. 

Now that you know how to successfully perform a cleansing, you'll be able to deter ghosts from hunting you once you've found them and earn a few extra dollars while you're at it. Win win.

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