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How to get more out of a 4K TV with an Nvidia Shield TV

Powered by the most advanced mobile processor, NVIDIA’s Tegra X1, TV is a versatile platform engineered to deliver a rich variety of next-gen entertainment. 

While the little set-top box enables owners to stream triple-A PC blockbusters from the cloud via GeForce NOW and play the very best games on Android, SHIELD TV is built for more than just gaming. You can now also stream 4K ultra high-definition movies and TV shows directly to your 4K TV with SHIELD TV. Here are three big reasons why SHIELD TV is a must-own compliment to your new 4K TV.

Netflix and thrill (in gorgeous 4K HDR)

From gripping, Netflix original series like Narcos and House of Cards to the most critically acclaimed TV shows like Stranger Things and Breaking Bad, there’s a great selection of 4K entertainment that can be enjoyed on Netflix with SHIELD TV. There’s even a collection of stand-up specials available in 4K with top comedians like Louis C.K. and Dave Chappelle that are so sharp you feel like you’re in the venue watching them perform live. 

Raising the bar in visual fidelity even higher, Netflix also features 4K entertainment that can be viewed in 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR). This technology brings more vibrant colors, more details and overall better visual quality to your 4K TV. Amazon Video also supports 4K HDR, so you can also stream their most visually stunning content to SHIELD including Amazon Originals like The Man in the High Castle and Mozart in the Jungle

Google Play Movies and TV recently rolled out support for 4K content to SHIELD, including everything from Hollywood hits like Mad Max: Fury Road and American Sniper to timeless classics like The Godfather and Forrest Gump. Other streaming services supported on SHIELD TV that offer 4K films and TV shows include VUDU, UltraFlix, Pluto TV and more.

4K video beyond movies & TV shows

If you’re in the mood for something other than a movie or TV show, SHIELD TV has you covered. It supports a wide variety of apps featuring 4K content including YouTube and Vimeo. Not to mention, YouTube now supports 4K live-streaming.

Kodi, a free, must-download all-in-one 4K media center allows you to stream video, images, music and any other form of digital media you can imagine either from local storage, network storage, or the Internet.

In addition to Kodi, SHIELD TV packs support for the most widely used, free open-source multimedia players like VLC and MX Player and Plex. Watch the video above for a look at Plex on SHIELD. 

Entertainment for the entire family

Whether you want to take in a gritty superhero thriller or kick back and relax to a documentary on Curiosity Stream, there’s really no shortage of 4K content available on SHIELD TV to browse through to find something that suits your particular tastes. The younger viewers in your household are also covered when it comes to entertainment in eye-popping 4K. 

One great way to introduce your children to the world of 4K on SHIELD TV is Toon Goggles. The app features a vast library of animated shows, musical performances and even educational programming that are appropriate for children. And the best part is it’s free to download and enjoy, with unlimited viewing available in Toon Goggles Premium for $4.99 a month. 

The profusion of content that can be watched in 4K ultra high-definition on SHIELD TV spans virtually every genre, length, and type of entertainment—with support for more 4K apps and services being added all the time.

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