How Intel 10th Gen processors perform great with Fortnite

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Although they perform excellently for business tasks and general web browsing, the razor-thin and light-as-a-feather business laptops that are available on the market have always been poor choices for playing games. Though they have enough RAM to do the job, these devices always lack the CPU and GPU power necessary in order to run games, even simple ones like Fortnite, well. However, with the introduction of Intel’s new 10th Gen Ice Lake CPUs, devices such as the HP Pavilion 15T are now capable of handling titles like Fortnite much better than they could before. Here’s how. 

Improved graphics hardware

New with Intel’s 10th Gen Ice Lake CPUs is the latest version of Intel’s integrated graphics technology, Intel Iris Plus. Boasting significant improvements over Intel UHD Graphics and previous iterations of Intel Iris Plus, this integrated graphics power is put to great use with Fortnite. Thanks to the boost in power, you can achieve roughly 40 frames-per-second (FPS) at 1080p with Fortnite’s settings at medium. This is absolutely playable, but if you want your experience to be even smoother, you can tone down the resolution to 900p or 720p in order to achieve between 50-60 FPS. These results are double what was possible with previous generations of Intel’s integrated graphics hardware. Devices like the HP Spectre X360 13T and the HP Pavilion 15T are excellent choices for getting your hands on Intel Iris Plus.

If you want even more graphics power, there are also some more expensive options on the market like the HP Envy 17T that come with NVIDIA’s GeForce MX250 GPU. This graphics hardware is even more powerful than Intel Iris Plus and will give you all the power you need for full 60 FPS Fortnite gameplay at 1080p HD resolution.

Reliable CPU power

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Though Fortnite is much more of a GPU-intensive game than a CPU-intensive one, having reliable and competent processing power is nevertheless still important for a pleasant gaming experience. After all, the processor is essentially what tells the graphics hardware what to do, so it shouldn’t be overlooked. Thankfully, Intel’s 10th Gen Ice Lake CPU lineup is more than capable of providing Fortnite with all the processing power it needs to run well. 

In a game like Fortnite, things can get pretty hectic between all the various explosives going off and numerous players rapidly building structures. In these cases, the GPU may struggle to render everything quickly. This is where the reliable performance of the 10th Gen CPUs come in, as they will direct your system to use the power of your GPU in the most efficient way possible. This won’t completely eliminate cases of slowdown or stuttering, but it will reduce the likelihood of it a lot, and will also ensure that the hiccups aren’t that bad when they do happen. 

Fast, stable internet connection

While it’s not what everyone thinks of first when it comes to a quality gaming experience, it’s critical that you have a solid, speedy connection when playing online titles like Fortnite. If you don’t, you could experience lag in-game, which can cause issues like input delay to your bullets, so they pass right through players they would normally damage. Luckily, Intel’s 10th Gen Intel Ice Lake CPUs come with integrated support for Wi-Fi 6, the latest Wi-Fi standard that boosts connection speed and network stability significantly. Paired with a Wi-Fi 6 router, you’ll be able to make use of a cutting-edge network while playing, ensuring that you’ll be dropping into the battlefield with the best possible connection and thus, a very low risk of lag getting in the way of your Victory Royale.

An exciting battle royale breakthrough

While business laptops have always been poor options for playing games, the fact that Intel’s 10th Gen CPUs enable a solid, stable gameplay experience for Fortnite is exciting. It’s the world’s number one multiplayer game for a reason, offering addicting gameplay, plenty of customization options, and new content with each passing in-game season. And now, thanks to the benefits offered by Intel’s Ice Lake processors, owners of business laptops like the HP Spectre X360 13T can participate in the fun. 

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