How GeForce Experience enhances today’s best PC games

From optimizing your games to look their absolute best to automatically capturing stunning in-game video moments, GeForce Experience can do it all. Designed to bring out the best possible PC gaming experience and performance, GeForce Experience is loaded with robust features that enhance the way you play and share your gaming triumphs. 

Say goodbye to wasting precious time tuning in-game settings for the optimal performance-to-quality ratio. GeForce Experience does this all for you in just one click. All you need to do is head into its main panel, click on the list of installed games (it will be detected automatically), and click on “optimize”. It even offers detailed explanations on what each setting does using in-game images.  

You’ll never miss another jaw-dropping moment with NVIDIA Highlights. NVIDIA Highlights leverages the NVIDIA ShadowPlay recording feature to capture epic in-game moments. It requires no interaction from the user and automatically records whenever it’s triggered by a specific event. You can even clip your favorite 15-seconds from the highlight and easily turn it into an animated GIF. Now you can share with friends that epic kill you pulled off in Fortnite Battle Royale, or how you dominated the battlefield in PUBG

Got an eye for photography? Then do yourself a favor and check out NVIDIA Ansel. This powerful tool lets you capture stunning high-resolution screenshots in your favorite games. You can dynamically adjust the capturing resolution for incredible detail. Also in its feature repertoire is HDR and 360 surround capture. 

Showing off your handiwork with friends online has never been easier as well. Both the captured highlights and Ansel images can be uploaded directly to your favorite social media platform including YouTube, Facebook, and Weibo. Additionally, Ansel images can be uploaded to the new Shot with GeForce website, which can be done without ever having to leave your game.

For more on how the feature-packed GeForce Experience can transform your PC gaming experiences, visit this page

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