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Hitman 'Season Premiere' shows off Sapienza and Marrakesh

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Io is letting us know the episodic model (opens in new tab) is here to stay with the Hitman (opens in new tab) 'Season Premiere' trailer which, to me, implies more seasons to come after the the initial round of Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Japan, US and Thailand maps.

Of more use than my speculation are the first snippets of footage from Marrakesh—a North African warren, by the looks of things—and a return to the Italian seaside town of Sapienza, which we haven't seen since the excellent Welcome to Sapienza (opens in new tab) trailer four months ago.

Despite being awed by Hitman's ambition and scale, Ben had some concerns (opens in new tab) when he tried to break the Paris level in our latest hands-on. Fortunately, Io will be present at the PC Gamer Weekender (opens in new tab) in London this weekend to tackle the doubts and explain just what a 'live game' is, supported by new and exclusive footage for good measure.

Hitman's first installment launches March 11 (opens in new tab).