Heroes of the Storm is getting a Diablo-themed update


It only "launched" earlier this month, but already Blizzard is preparing for the first major update to Heroes of the Storm. It's called Eternal Conflict, and it'll focus specifically on the battle between good, evil and repetitive strain injury that is Diablo 3.

It will feature a new map, Battle of Eternity, and a new character, the Butcher. Here's a video of the former, which shows off a striking clash between the forces of heaven and hell.

Those two Immortals in the centre will continue to fight until the Heroes step in to intervene. The victorious Immortal will then push down the opposing team's lane.

As for The Butcher, he's a melee assassin with a thwacking great cleaver. He, too, has been revealed in video form.

Eternal Conflict is due out later this month.

Phil Savage

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