Heavy Gear Assault cancels Kickstarter campaign, seeks crowdfunding through own site

Heavy Gear Assault developer Stompy Bot Productions have cancelled their Kickstarter after it failed to catch the enthusiasm of giant fighty mech lovers. Despite some impressive looking early tech demos and a promised episodic singleplayer campaign , the project raised only $44,981 of the $800,000 target since its launch over a month ago. Stompy Bot will now continue to seek crowdfunding through the game's website.

"We appreciate and highly value everyone's opinions here," wrote the devs , explaining the campaign's closure in its comments. "We believe very strongly in resurrecting the Heavy Gear franchise and giving the fans what they want. We are currently evaluating other strategies to raise awareness regarding Heavy Gear and looking at multiple means to get the Heavy Gear name out there."

So far the website's pledge counter is at $121,215 - 13% of the way towards its goal. Although, unlike Kickstarter, its Pledge page takes money at the point of donation, making it an ultimately more risky proposition. And that's on the spectrum of funding things that don't exist yet, which is always something of a risk at every level.

Thanks, Polygon .

Phil Savage

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