Hearthstone's overdue rebalance is coming 'early next week'

Deck of Lunacy card art
(Image credit: Blizzard)

As Ben "RidiculousHat" Goodman pointed out yesterday, the Hearthstone meta has descended into lunacy. Literally, thanks to the Deck of Lunacy card making the No Minion Mage deck a constant annoyance for everyone who isn't playing one, while Paladin decks are also dominating. As Goodman wrote, "Everyone else is grasping at straws."

That's about to change, although perhaps not soon enough for everyone's liking. As Hearthstone lead designer Alec Dawson said on Twitter (opens in new tab) today, "Balance changes [are] to go out early next week with 20.0.2. We'll be targeting some cards in Mage, Paladin, Rogue, and Neutral. Hoping to create more space for experimentation in the early Barrens meta and have a more diverse field of classes. 6 changes in total, details coming soon."

While changes to Mage and Paladin are welcome, Rogue seems a little out of place. Rogue decks are currently placed below Hunter in terms of winrate, at number four according to HSReplay.net (opens in new tab). Fingers crossed my backstabbing friends don't get a drive-by nerf they don't deserve while justice is being delivered to the Paladins and Mages.

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